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About Us

We are insurance brokers which started its activities on April 1, 2004, in order to advise companies, corporations and individuals.

The time we have been working on our clients benefit, we have become the leading broker in Southern Ecuador, thanks to the excellent service and expertise acquired from companies and important institutions in all insurance branches.



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Types of Insurance

Light and Heavy Vehicles

We advise you to insure your vehicle

Light and Heavy Vehicles

Insurance that covers your vehicle damage against the events it might be exposed to, having special benefits for you and your vehicle.


We guarantee your inmediate medical assistance


Health insurace have excellent medical converages with many medical treatment options in the bests hospitals of Ecuador or outside, according to the plan elected by the client.

Civil Liability

Compensation for damages to third parties

Civil Liability

Compensations for body, material or patrimonial damages caused to third parties that could be the fault of the insured or the people whose he or she must respond.

Home and Edifications

We care about how much effort it cost you

Home and Edifications

We provide the most complete coverages in order to protect your home. We have plans to insure your dwelling against all the risks. The main risks that are covered are earthquake, fire, damages by water and nature and other events.

Life Insurance and Personal Accidents

Do not let your loved ones to become homeless

Life Insurance and Personal Accidents

Our Life Insurance provide the most complete coverage according to the protection necessity you search for: decease, disability and more.

Electronic Equipment

We protect your equipment against any accident

Electronic Equipment

Coverage and indemnification for any internal or accidental damage on electric equipment.


Avoid unnecessary risks with an insurance


We can insure typical business risks that include offices, industrial plants including fire, theft, loyalty of officials, electronic equipment, machinery (equipment) damage and we offer bonds (guanratees of contract fulfillment).


We all want to return home safe and sound


We cover medical assistance for health issues or accidents that may occur due to any misfortune during the trip.

Heavy Machinery

Insure your equipment and work calmly

Heavy Machinery

Coverages for accidents, fires, explosion, theft and negligence regarding to machinery such as tractors, cranes forklifts and similars.

We are licensed by the main insurance companies in the country:

Frequently asked questions

What is an insurance policy?

It is a type of contract whereby an Insurance Company assumes the risk of its insured, within agreed limits, by periodically charging a premium or prepayment, which will be used to cover the risk in case it occurs.

The insurance transforms risks that people or organisations are exposed to into bearing probabilities, through a special organisation. They constitute a basic piece in the current social structure, and manifest in two wide groups: social insurance and private insurance.

Why should I take out insurance through an insurance broker?

A quite common risk while taking out insurance is unawareness or wrong advise when choosing the policy. This leads to scarce coverages of the probable risks, uncompleted assistance in case of accidents, a non-adjusted price of the premium and a consequent dissatisfaction of the client. In order to avoid this, Insurance Brokers appear.

We have a wide expertise and vocation towards the client, offering the best personalised product thanks to exhaustive knowledge of insurace companies.

What are the adventages of having Brown & Asociados as an insurance broker?

Free advise: Management and advise of contract are utterly free. We guide and support the client in every moment, adapting to their necessities change in real time.

Imparciality: We are impartial and we search for client interest only, because we are not dependant of any insurance companies. That makes us be able to choose the best adjustable policy to the necessities of the client, after an objetive analysis.

Protection: We support management alongside insurance companies and in case of accident, we look after the interes of the client, representing them upon the insurance company.

Quality and Guarantee: We guarantee the quality of the product to every client.

Wide expertise professionals: In Brown & Asociados, we have more than  15 years of experience in the insurance sector, what allows us to negotiate better. Thanks to our wide education and knowledge, we access to the best offers and conditions.

Closeness and personalization: We offer a close and personalized treat through telephone or face to face communication, knowing the preferences and needs of our clients. We pledge with them, getting involved into their objetives.

Competitive premiums: When insuring vehicles fleets and programs of general branches, we are able to get better rates at excellent prices.

What is insurable object?
It is the insurance element that runs the risk, it may be:
• Material assets.
• Life or physical integrity of a person.
• Intangible risk (contract unfulfillment, loss of earnings or unexpected damages).
What is the risk?

It is the threat of loss that affects to certain assets or life health or physical integrity of a person.

What is premium?

It is the value of the insurance that must be paid for insuring the object against the risk. This payment is generally annual. Premium varies depending upon the likelihood of happening of certain loss.

What is deductible?

It is the part of the amount that the insured assumes as part of a claim before de payment of the insurance companies.

What is indemnization?

It is the amount of money that the insurer obligates themselves to pay the insured, in case of a claim, according to terms and conditions of the policy.

How to make a claim after an event has occurred?

According to the policy, the client presents the requirements requested in order to obtain an indemnization.




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